Food As Medicine Conference: June 9-12

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

From The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Once a year, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine puts on the best introductory training program in medical nutrition therapy on the planet - a feast of science and wisdom. Always lively, always cutting-edge, our core faculty and guest speakers who are all leaders in their respective fields share the very latest in nutritional science and seasoned clinical pearls with our attendees. Our aim is to give our attendees both the knowledge and confidence they need to begin practicing on Monday morning. How well do we succeed? Judging by the number of alums who return, very well indeed. And the number of people who say, "This was the best medical conference I ever attended" is astounding. What makes this program different? The quality of everything, from the learning environment, which includes breathing and other mind-body techniques to reduce our stress and help us relax and focus, to the speakers, including Mark Hyman, MD, Kathie Swift, MS RD, David Ludwig, MD, Neal Barnard, MD - certainly on everyone's top ten lists - and the food! Designed by our Executive Chef Rebecca Katz, MS, the luncheons are organic, colorful, healthy and outrageously delicious. Yes - you can have it all! This program provides the latest in science-based nutrition education and is designed to give graduates the knowledge, confidence, compassion and skills required to integrate food as medicine in their clinical practice. This is the nutrition class that health care professionals tell us they've been looking for. Topics include: * Sustainable Nutrition: Origins, Evolution & Agriculture * Nutrition in Practice: Tools & Techniques of Care * Understanding Core Imbalances * Macronutrients & Micronutrients: the Building Blocks * Digestive Healing: A Holistic Approach * Mindful Eating * Kids, Parents & Food * Diabesity: A Functional Medicine Approach * Diet Strategies to Complement Cancer Care * Keeping it Real: Community & Public Health * Condition Specific Nutrition Therapy * The Science of Supplementation * Cutting Edge Laboratory Assessment * Rx in the Kitchen: Cooking for Health Who should attend? * MDs, DOs, & NDs * RD's & CHHC's * Medical School Faculty * Nurses & Nurse Practitioners * Clinical Faculty in Residency Programs * Physician Assistants * Community Health Practitioners * Psychologists * Medical, Health & Public Health Students * Acupuncturists * Other Health Professionals If you are a health professional and want to learn the latest, most comprehensive, science-based information on nutrition, this is the course for you. The conference will take place in Bethesda, MD. For information on registration click here.