Brigit True Organics Foot Cream for Diabetics

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

People with diabetes tend to have have poor circulation in their small blood vessels, causing the skin on the extremities to first become dry and irritated. If not taken care of properly, skin infections can occur and in extreme cases even lead to amputation. Brigit True Organics (BTO) offers hand and body care for people who have diabetes. The Diabeticae line has been created to offer consumers with special skin care needs the benefits of the highest quality organic ingredients. Diabeticae Foot Cream is 95% organic and is a circulation booster as well as a moisturizer. The cream is made with organic olive oil, infused with healing calendula and comfrey, and offers multi-tiered relief to diabetics. Combined with shea butter and beeswax, Diabeticae Foot Cream seals in moisture and helps defend against wounds and dryness. Additional essences of three herbs, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender, promote blood flow and support the body's internal moisturizing ability. Plus it feels and smells great. Check out other products from Brigit True Organics. They offer a complete line of natural body care crafted freshly, in-house with herbal formulations that reflect both scientific research and traditional healing wisdom. All of BTO's products are 100% natural and 74% - 99% organic, using the highest quality ingredients: organic virgin olive oil, organic herbs, and organic plant essences. All Brigit True Organics products are currently on sale during our Big Brands Sale!