Avoid Thanksgiving Discomfort

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Last year, I posted an article about Thanksgiving Heartburn and offered suggestions to easing the burn naturally. Well, heartburn isn't the only cause for discomfort over the holidays. Stuffing yourself with turkey, potatoes, gravy and apple pie will make you feel tired and lethargic. The average Thanksgiving day meal comes in at a whopping 3,500 calories! That is more calories than most people should ever have in a day, never mind one meal. And you might be thinking, it is only one meal and only one day, but Thanksgiving is the gateway to a holiday season full of treats, parties and indulgence and you can easily gain 5 to 10 pounds between this Thursday and New Year's Day. Here are some tips to avoid overindulging: 1) Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter. 2) Take a walk, hike, ride your bike, or use the treadmill - anything for 20-30 minutes. You'll feel great, look good, and digest your food better. 3) Wait to have seconds. It can take 20 minutes for you to realize you are full. 4) Concentrate on the vegetables that are being served and munch on those instead of the creamy casseroles full of fat and calories. 5) Bake the turkey. Don't fry the turkey in hot oil. 6) Remember, this is not your last meal. You will get more food later. It is not necessary to overeat. 7) Take small portions. There is no reason to stack your plate full of food, just because it's Thanksgiving Day. 8) Get out of the house. Check your local listings because, these days, many movie theaters, zoos, museums, and other fun and interesting places are open, so you can take advantage of staying active and taking the focus off of food. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!